66' Nova Project

This is a history and various thoughts as I work on the Hobby Car.   Hobby Car to me is a hobby, which means when time and money permit.  It is fun, diversionary and a long term project.  Cost is often a major consideration as shown by some of the unique solutions.  Lower cost does not mean using an inferior part or solution and hopefully that is shown here.  Durability and safety are always key considerations.   I have many automotive skills, some very strong, others pretty good. 

We love these old cars.  I also remember the reliability and safety considerations these old cars had.  No where near what it is in cars today.  The Hobby Car is a blending of the old and new to have a car I love,  fun to drive and much safer in todays driving environment.

The goal for this car is 98% street cruiser.  Drive as much as possible and avoid the "Garage Queen" syndrome.  A little track time for shakedown, testing and validation. 

A goal for a hobby car is crucial.  If you don't have a plan or keep changing it, costs will escalate beyond belief.  If you have unlimited money for your hobby this isn't a problem.  For the rest of us, a well thought out plan is important.

A site for others with the ChevyII/Nova hobby car bug;  Steve's Nova Site

Also if you want to race there are some Racing Rules to be observed.  Also there are reasons we  Don't Street Race.  

The beginnings of the hobby car.   New engine Install 2005. 

General notes on upgrading the Chevy II

Fuel & Air Systems

Steering, Suspension and Engine

Wheels and Tires the answers may not be simple on a 62-67 Chevy II

Cooling & Radiator


Electrical & Ignition

Engine tips


Body Work


General mechanic wanderings etc.

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