For What Its Worth

The battle of the glove box door

I finally won the battle of the glove box latch on my 66. It is amazing how much time this one little thing took.

First it was the usual, missing striker/catch, busted latch etc. After 2 tries I got the correct striker and latch hook. After installation I was having trouble. Even had to cut the new liner a little around the striker to let the latch seat. It would catch, but then not open or not catch at all. Could never get the striker adjusted just right. Any bump or jar would cause it to hang and not want to open without extra pressure or pulling down on the door.

Finally I pulled the latch and key assembly out and laid it on the table and just looked as I pushed the button. Didn't look worn, movement up and down was good and a new latch hook. I looked closer and started measuring and found the hook when open only cleared by less than 1/16" of an inch. No wonder it wouldn't keep adjustment. Any flex of the striker, door etc. would not let it open. I ground some material of the top of the hook and put it back in. It now closes and opens with no problem. No hang ups. About 1/4" of clearance now. Still enough hook to catch and hold strong.

Some of these replacement parts may not be exactly to stock specs.

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  Last update July 18 2009

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