For What Its Worth

Fixing an old speedometer yourself

In my younger days I tore apart speedometers.  The old mechanical style is a spring and a magnetic coupling for the needle.  If it is not moving, or barely, you may be able to open it up and check.  May need some cleaning and oil on the needle mount.  Sometimes a piece that is press fit begins to turn on the shaft.  Epoxy can fix that.  Otherwise there is not a lot you can do.

If it is rusty/dirty don't forget to oil the odometer gears.  Watch what oil you use with plastic. Most oils will cause plastic to swell/soften.   I have Model train oil that works with metal and plastic.  Do not adjust the spring.  It will change the speed reading. Probability of success is about %15 since it is usually a problem caused by too much wear.  Who thought cars would go more than a 100,000 miles in their useful life way back then.

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  May 2009

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