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Light switch and front running lights on a 66

Use all advice at your own risk.

The standard wiring on a Chevy II up through 67 turns off the front running lights when the light switch is pulled to full on.   Is there a way around this so your car is like "modern" cars with running lights always on?  Maybe for a 66 and newer.

First see the picture below.  This is the stock style switch as I tested it for a 66.  This switch has been replaced, but it should match the original.

To get full time front running lights, move the connector from Terminal 7 to terminal 3.

WARNING  It works in my case easily since I am using LED front/rear and the current load is much less than stock.  If still using stock style incandescent bulbs, you may be adding more load to a fused circuit.  DO NOT put in a higher amperage fuse if the fuse blows after the change.  Put it back to the way it was or get a relay to power the front running lights.  The wiring may not be designed for the higher load and a larger fuse could melt wires or cause a fire.


Light plug stock configuration. Notice the location of the purple wire. (Sorry for the blur, but I am not going to tear it apart again for a picture)

Light Plug wiring after moving the purple wire. (Purple wire is front running lights on a 66)

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  Last update Nov 28 2009

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