My new (to me) Hood

I ran across a great deal I could not refuse.  Local Nova racer decided to use his 4" hood and sold the 2" cowl Harwood bolt-on hood for the 66.   All prepped and painted black.   I bought it and brought it home.   It is wonderfully light.  I first came across fiberglass hoods in the 60s.  The ones that were heavier than the steel ones and would kill you if they fell on you.   Or they were so flimsy they would rattle when you sneezed.  Since then techniques and quality have grown enormously. 

These new lighter hoods do not use the stock hood springs.  The springs are way too strong for the lighter weight.  Lighter springs are in order.  Maybe a rod to hold it up open.  Better pictures coming when mounted on car.  

hood picture

Hood Rod

I decided to use a hood rod to hold the hood open instead of springs.

What you need,
Get the rod and bend it to look something like this. 
hood rod

The radiator support end.                               The hood end
rad support end bend hood end

Next drill out the bottom of the axel cap so the rod will go through it.  Then drill the hood to take the cap.  Be very careful.  don't go thru the hood.  There was an air space between the layers in my hood.  Stop there.  I did it dead center of the pad that rests on the rubber bumpers.  Epoxy the cap in.   I use the metal cap as a wear plate.  A hole in the fiberglass will wear bigger over time. 
cap in hood

Drill a hole in the Radiator support to take the rod.   In line with the bumper pad for the hood.  One to fit a 1/4" ID grommet.  Put the grommet in and then the rod.  The rod is ready to go. 
Rod-hole in radiator support

Add 1 or 2 clamps to hold the rod when the hood is down.  With some soft hammer work these clamps were adjusted so the rod snaps in and is held firmly.  Top of the clamp is rounded over just a bit to clip the rod in.  
 Hood rod clamps.  close up of clip

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