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Motor Mount Notes

All motor mounts are not created equal.  It seems funny that something so simple as a motor mount could go so wrong.  Just like a house, when the foundation has problem, everything else has the problem. The first picture is of the "Stock" replacement motor mounts I first obtained from a local parts house. 
Cheap motor mounts

They were both the same part number, but as you look at them you can see differences.   The one on the right was modified by welding on washers to make it similar width to the one on the left.   They did not align the engine well and the one with the washers welded on still fit the mount sloppy.  I had to add washers between the mount and engine on one side to get the headers to clear the spring towers.  It appears some hack believed they were an engineer and could redesign one motor mount style to match the other.  Close does not count when conforming to tolerances and specifications. When I had the chance, I got rid of them and replaced them with Energy Suspension brand of motor mounts.

Picks of the good motor mounts in the car.
Right motor mount

left motor mount

The difference was very clear.  With the good mounts bolted to the engine, motor dropped right on to the mounts, no problem putting in the cross bolts.   Headers fit well, no clearance problems.

Why did I use the cheap mounts to begin with?  This was as the start of working on the hobby car.  I remembered always getting good parts from a reputable parts house when I was a mechanic too many years before.  I was buying them from a reputable parts house and assumed they were to "spec".  I have learned the influx of cheap parts along with the lack of car knowledge by many working in parts houses now puts more responsibility on the customer for finding and accepting good parts.   My advice, if the part looks cheap or in any way it could be a problem, refuse it.   It takes two groups to make junky parts.  Those that want to make a cheap profit and customers that think saving a dollar or two is more important than a well functioning part.

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  Dec 2010
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