For What Its Worth

Radiator replacement

It is a 4 core, 2 5/8" wide U.S. Radiator triple flow.  The Triple flow has 2 baffles in the tanks, one top and one bottom that cause the coolant to flow through the radiator 3 times.  Like having a short but very wide cross flow.  It is a lot of radiator that fits in the stock location.  It will handle a lot of horsepower. 

The radiator bolts up to the stock locations and has stock location mounts for a shroud etc.    

I personally like the copper/brass, more durable than aluminum.   It came painted well but sat around the house for a couple of months and got the paint scraped off in a few places.
Upper radiator hose is same as a 68-72 with a V8.  With the Thermostat housing that points to the drivers side.  Bottom hose I forget the number.  A lot of cutting to fit it though.  Standard problem on the 1st and 2nd gen lower hoses.
Stock location for transmission cooler lines.  
I have never had any cooling problems with it, running in 100 degree Texas days.

I would recommend a shroud.   The core is 25 inches wide and the opening in the radiator support is 21 inches wide.  If I get an engine that needs even more cooling, I can always drill a few 1.5 inch holes neatly on either side to get 10-20% more air flow.  I don't see it as a problem at this time.

Installation Pictures before I had a good camera.   I should update them one day.

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  May 2009

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