For What Its Worth

How much does your hobby car cost?

I vote I don't want to know until it is done and maybe not then.  However here are some value formulas.  They may help to convince a spouse that it isn't so bad. 

Dollar value of your car hobby

Take the Resale value of car and:

Time building the car is valuable also.

Time on Nova is not that much when you subtract time you would have spent on other hobbies, watching TV or going to see sports.   

Family time.  

Add bonus points for the hours you stayed at home and were with or close to the family.  When kids are included add skills learned, bonding (only if you didn't yell at them) and love points (the kids not the car!).    

The kid working at the local parts store rebuilt a Chevy Apache pickup with his dad, ground up restore.  He was pretty pleased when they sold it for $16,000, until his dad told him they had shelled out almost $19,000 on it.   

I've had teenagers and if you can keep them off the games and learning something for only $3000 over a 2 year period you are doing good.

What my wife says

Why the hobby car is a Wife's best friend

  1. You know where your husband is!
  2. You know and can control the other woman!  Especially if you are friendly with her.
  3. When your husband comes home ornery you just open the door to the garage.  He will come out grinning.
  4. If you let him have his car he will let you have anything else.
  5. It will greatly increase the number of times a day he says you are beautiful: and he really does mean you not the car.
  6. All of his friends will think you are beautiful too!  (No diets ladies..  They just don't compare.)
  7. He can never sneak in late if he is driving the hot rod!
(You bet I will keep her forever!)

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  May 2009

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