66' Nova Project the front suspension upgrade

Suspension upgrade update Nov 2008-May 2009 The car now has:

Most everything went on following instructions.  Some pictures.

Stock style rear sump pan.  Lots of ground clearance compared to the old notched-rear sump pan needed for stock rear-steer.

I put the end of the bolt facing connecting the sway bar out so as to never get close to hitting the frame.

Trans cooler from top, It still fits after changing the front mounting brackets.

Older, Clearance added to header
#3 pipe adjustment (Before I added the extension)  Sad, I know but I plan on new headers eventually.  These have been through many changes and mock ups.  Picture taken from underneath the car.

I finally replaced these headers after I got the steering column worked out.  I will get some new pictures eventually.

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  June 2009

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