For What Its Worth

Technostalgia LED tail lights done in 2005

& Notes on Electronic flashers

Converting to LED lights is cool, but you have to be careful and assure they meet DOT approval.  Many do not.  The brake lights vs. tail lights need to be many times brighter and seen from a wide angle.  This kit met all the specs.  My overall assessment, GREAT. Parts fit well, instructions were clear. Came with everything you need, but the electronic flasher.  Cheap camera messed up the colors and washed out the intensity differences in the pics, sorry.  One day I may get updated pics.

Technostalgia Kit parts Some of the parts, I wish all my lens gaskets were this good.

Tail light After Install

Brake After Install 

You do need to upgrade the flasher to an electronic style.  I found a 2 prong, "electronic flasher" (not shown) eventually at AutoZone.  Tail lights and front running lights are LEDs.  Works good, but the turn signals in the dash must be bulbs or there is not enough current to make this electronic flasher work. 

I eventually found a 2 prong, grounded electronic flasher.  It has a separate ground wire.   It always works.  One caution, the prongs +/- sides were reversed.  I had to carefully remove the connectors from the plug and reverse them.   To remove the metal connectors a very small screw driver is used to bend the clip down that holds them in.  Once out bend the clips back up and re-insert as needed.

Be careful with these plastic cased electronic flashers and the old metal flasher mount.   It was made for metal cased flashers, not the plastic ones.   I put a radiator hose clamp around them, tightened lightly.  The old style holder then holds on around the metal clamp.  The first one I tried was just the plastic case and it collapsed in the clamp over time and shorted out the flasher.

Someone wanted to know where the flasher was.  Its by the radio. 

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  May 2009 Updated Nov 2011

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