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Disc Brake Conversion Notes

What is the difference between drum front brakes and front disc brakes.  When I was very young and unwise, I was driving a 1960 Tbird 120 mph. When I hit the brakes with 4 wheel drum at that speed, the best way to describe it is the car just sort of laughs and sneers at you until you get down to 65 or so. Good thing the horn worked to warn the oncoming car I wasn't going to make the stop at the Stop sign.  Also drum brakes always went one way or t'other when you hit the brake pedal.  Most people felt lucky if the car always went right or left when braking, it was nice and predictable.

So the difference with drum vs. disc brakes is huge. I don't expect you to be speeding with your classic car on the street, but there are cars all around you with disc brakes, anti lock etc.  They can stop much faster than any 4 wheel drum brake car.  Get front disc brakes, it is the safe way to go.

I used the SSBC Disc Brake conversion on my 66.  I am very pleased with the setup.  My old 14X6 American Racing something or other rims also cleared.   15 inch rims will clear, but many 14" or smaller will not.

This is a manual brake.  Everything went well on the install.  Every bolt, nut and fitting adapter was there.  You have to drill out the steering arms from 7/16 to 1/2.  On 66' and earlier cars you need to convert to a 2 line Master cylinder, you need to convert the back brake line to run to the master cylinder. 

I powder coated the spindles/bracket and it tightens up the clearance a little when putting on the caliper.

On 66' and earlier you have to convert your rear brakes to run to the second line in the master Cylinder.

I did have the rotors turned.  This is standard procedure for any new rotor in my book.  Just to be sure there wasn't any run out caused by shipping bumps.  They both cleaned up with a .010" cut. 

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  May 2009

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