For What Its Worth
Radiators, Aluminum vs. Copper/Brass, which is best. 
It depends....

There is a lot more to the design process of a radiator than just the metal used.   

What you want to know is how much heat can be removed from the coolant and how long of a life can you expect from the radiator. I know, there isn't an industry standard test for these things, but some companies do have tests and data.

Most "Racing" equipment is not designed to last thousands of miles on the road. If all you are going to do is race, then a racing radiator is fine. If used on the road, make sure it can survive thousands of miles and all kinds of weather.

A good design will beat out "fancier" materials in an inferior design.  Some things to consider

I have a good U.S. Radiator . In the old terminology it is a 4 core desert radiator, but a newer design.  Very effective, fits my needs and cost effective.

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  Nov 2009

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