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Windshield Washer, how to get one to work on a 66 Chevy II

The stock windshield washer pump on the 66 Chevy II worked, but usually not well or not for long.  The replacements aren't cheap either.    So I tossed the original mechanical pump that was attached to the wiper motor and put a universal one in that was in-line.   The problem is it worked for a few months and then the gears gave up.   It kept running dry, even when I had it below the level of the windshield washer tank. 

The fix I came up with was to put the pump in the plastic style windshield washer tank.   Most of the newer pumps are housed in the tank and have a large inlet opening to avoid priming and flow problems.  No problem pumping the fluid out of the tank or getting enough fluid with this design.  

I searched for a pump and found the ANCO 64-02 looked good. It comes with it's own grommet for the tank.

First, you need to extend the pump wires to reach the bottom of the windshield washer tank.  Put blade connectors on the wires.

Then use a "T" to connect the nozzles and run a windshield washer hose to the windshield washer tank.   I put the "T" dead center between the nozzles.  To make sure they get equal pressure. 

Then cut a 13/16 hole in the bottom, rear inside corner of the tank.   I used my Unidrill to make this easy.  Insert the grommet and then the pump.   Then hook up the wires.  Positive to the top wire in this picture.

Installed in the car.   The newer (90s) Caps for the washer tanks fit on these older tanks   You don't need the hose and pickup, just the breathing hole in the new cap.  (new cap not show)

Picture from below

It works great, better than ever before.  No problems with priming the pump.  Just got to make sure I keep the tank full.  Now  its time to make all the hoses and wiring look pretty.

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  Nov 2009 

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