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CPP Steering stops and Church Boys Steering arms

The CPP steering stops were made for the stock rear-steering arms.  Rear Steer Installation PDF.  I put them on facing forward with 1/2 inch spacers to get them up to be in line with the Church boys steering arms.  They work for me  They may not work if your tires are a different back space.   Steering stops may not be needed if the rack hits limits before your tires rub on something. My front tires are 205 60 15 on 15 x 7 rims with 4.5 backspace.  They hit the sway bar without the stops. The pictures show the stops installed.

Picture from the backside
Steering Stops
Yes 2 more bolts are needed for the Ball joint mount...

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  May 2009 Last Update Dec 2020

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