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Misc. parts list for 66' Chevy II.

Many many parts are available for the Chevy II.  If you aren't keeping it "all original" you can get about anything you really need.   I think you can get these parts at reasonable prices.   "All original" costs more.

I get many engine and suspension parts from the parts houses, but sometimes I have to find the part number first.  The 66 era cars aren't on their computers.  It isn't hard for me since I cut my teeth fixing cars from this era.  Part numbers from my notes, but take your old part to compare to make sure!!!!

One piece oil pan gasket.  Felpro part # OS 34509T , fits SBC V8 57-74. Right side dipstick check
FelPro Permadry plus.

Q: What are the right exhaust manifolds for an early Nova?
A: Here are the exhaust manifold casting numbers for early Chevy IIs and Nova's:
These manifolds all have the rams horn design with the outlets pointed back at a 45 degree angle.
3790729 left side 1962 to 1967 no smog holes.
3872723 left side 1966 to 1967 has smog holes.
3849288 right side 1964 to 1967 no smog holes.
3849290 right side 1964 to 1967 no smog holes, has AC mount
3872738 right side 1966 to 1967 has smog holes and AC mount

Exhaust Manifolds from 67-72 pickup also reported to work for a ChevyII.

66 Chevy Nova Parts.
Fuel pump Carter CFP M3120.   High volume SBC
Alternator ULT 01-0038  3 wire, internal regulator Oreilly's
AC Delco 108 AMP 17SI Alternator, Body Diameter slightly bigger... AC 321-1735  Connector PT-181?
Front Shocks Monroe MON LE10016
Rear shocks Monroe MON 5818 Had to rescue the inner metal busing from old shocks.
Starter ULT 03-0236 Oreilly  283, small automatic drive plate.

Disc Brakes Manual  SSBC Disc Brake conversion kit A123-3 

NAPA Power Brake booster and Disc/Drum Master Cylinder for 67.  NBB509088 Should work with 63-67. 66 and earlier need to plumb the second brake line and possibly proportioning valve.

Following are AC Delco numbers unless otherwise noted.  66 Nova 327 .... When cross referencing to NAPA put a space in the dash.
A 10 degree only Vacuum advance for HEI is part # D1370A AC Delco
Temperature sensor AC G1852  Gauge/light.  Gauge I think.  Napa ECHTS6469 funny thing listed for gauge and light.
Locking Gas Cap, not stock looking (YUK) AC Delco GT68L Napa BK 7031110
Radiator cap. RC26, hexagon, RC81 round
Thermostat Housing 15-1159 with return spring mount.
Water pump short 251-166
Rear Ujoint 45U011llo
A/C Blower motor relay 15-8172
Horn Relay D1756 stock or D1735 without buss connection.  Napa ECHHR135
Dimmer D808    Borg Warner DS111
Headlight switch D1588  Napa ECHHL6554  Borg Warner S415
Starter Keys &tumbler only D1499A  Napa ECHKS6491
Starter Switch  Borg Warner CS44
Turn Signal Switch D6203  Full harness,  Napa, cut and splice repair piece. ECHDL6121
PCV Valve CV590C
Oil filler cap FB42
Points D106PS 
Coil to points wire D1203
Ubolts for rear ujoints 45U0500
Front coil spring 45H0028  Napa NCP2771914 Std & Heavy duty Same number
Front Shocks gas charged 520-319
Sway Bar link 45G0065
Horn D1922C, Generic replacement F note.

Having a hard time finding the Chevy II parts?  A few parts from a 67 Camaro fit a 66-67 Chevy II. Always take your old one to double check!

  1. Fuel tank sending unit wire.  The end works great.  The grommet works, but the wire is too short to make it back to the hole in the body.  You may need a splice if the old wire is too brittle to re-use some of it.

  2. The grommets and clips that hold the door panel on.

  3. Springs and washers that go under the window and door handles. 

  4. The cowl induction air cleaner works with the aftermarket cowl induction hoods. Metal Hoods that are flat underneath with the hole for the air cleaner.  The Camaro hood gasket may not work well, different heights and there is a 1" rake on the Nova hood.   Use some foam. (non flammable)

  5. I have been told Hood Hinges.  Better triple check or take your old one in to compare. 

  6. Rear window clips that hold on the chrome.

  7. Brake light switch

  8. Some of the Rubber grommets to plug the sheet metal holes in the body. Check sizes.

  9. Dome light, tear drop shape.

  10. Rubber bumpers for the ash tray and manual brake and clutch pedals.

  11. Front upper A frame bump stops, but they were listed as "lowers" from the "Camaro" company I got them from.  Get nuts also.  I think they are 8 mm metric now not 5/16 UNC.

The arm rests DO NOT work.  

  Happy Motoring, VHubbard. May 2009

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