For What Its Worth

My Big Nasty Creeper

I am 6" 3", 190cm.   Long in the body and big.  The average life I get out of an off the shelf creeper is a few weeks, even the six wheel super duty ones.   So for many years I have been looking for something better.   I found a Big Nasty Creeper.  (Sorry, web link is gone and I didn't want to link you to who took it over.)

This creeper works for me!  Wide enough that my shoulders aren't jammed into the rails.  Long enough that my top and bottom stay on the creeper.   It is heavily built and weighs in at 28 lbs., 13kgm.   I LIKE IT. 

Some pictures.  My wife as the shop model.  She is 6' 2", 187 cm tall

Creeper by itself 

Back side, gussets welded in on angle joints. 

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  Jan 2010

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