For What Its Worth

Removing the stock body rivets when installing a CPP lower A-arm system.

The biggest pain in the CPP lower A-arm install was getting the old body rivets out when removing the drag link mounts.   Some people say it is easy, some say it is hard.  I noticed that many of my rivets had been "double hit"  during installation.   This may be one of the reasons it was hard for me.  The factory at some time may have "improved" rivet hits is my best guess.

This is all done from under the car.  I found the best thing to do was to drill a pilot hole in the center of each rivet about 3/4 of the way thru. I think it was about a 5/16 drill.  The pilot hole helps relieves the tension on the rivet.    Then using about a 1/2" drill, drill off the head only.  Then take a punch up through the pilot hole and pop the rivet out.    Hardest part is starting the hole in the center of the rivet.

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  May 2009

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