My 3D Printing Hobby

 I have observed and monitored the growth of 3D printing since 1986.  This was the beginning with the invention of the resin and UV laser process.  Initially it was show and tell to check designs.  Now it can be used for some production also.   3D printing has grown into many forms and most are just breaking out of their infant state in my opinion.  

My thoughts on 3D printing needs and lessons learned.

3D printing Hardware and software notes and reviews

Prusa MK4 and MMU3

Prusa Original Enclosure and Dry Box

Prusa Slicer and CAD Software

Prusa MK3S+, MMU2S, I no longer have this setup.  Archived information

Prusa XL notes coming eventually.  I bought a MK4 and that has postponed my need for an XL for a while.

Helpful tools to have with 3d Printing

My 3D Printed O gauge train items 

Last Update July 15, 2024