Stock Car Racing!

Stock Car racing is fast, fun and furious, but not in the way you expect.

Stock Car Racing rules.

  1. All competitors are friendly and helpful, until you win.
  2. How to tell someone is cheating when racing:
  3. Track Champion.  The poor racer that always raced at the same track or venue for less money.
  4. Those that say 'We just race for the fun of it' are delusional.
  5. The best way to spend large amounts of time and money is to use inexpensive parts.
  6. Changing rules about tires, engines and car design will never make the competition even.
  7. Winners will always do better, no matter what the rules and race car are.
  8. The louder they brag about how good a 'street racer' they are, the worse they are in true competition.
  9. You can go broke winning trophy dashes.
  10. The checkered flag tells all.
  11. The more crashes you cause, the more likely you will be in a crash.
  12. Luck may take you out of a race, but it will never keep you in one.
  13. Those that put speed over safety will have neither.
  14. Winning in racing isn't that tough. It just requires a fundamental understanding of:
  15. When you choose to drive for points over driving to win you have forgotten what racing is. 
  16. Manipulation, fighting and demolition driving is pandering to the shallow end of the gene pool.  You will be praised by morons.
  17. A fan base is nurtured and grown.  Fans can be wonderful when honest hard work and true racing attract loyal and intelligent fans. 
  18. If you want to keep your friends, don't let them drive the Race Car.
Demolition Derby  fun and suggestions for what its worth.

Circle track Racing Intermission,  part of the fun of racing.

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 These rules do not reference any specific person or company. They are comical exaggerations of the occurrences of everyday life in Stock Car Racing. Any relation to events anywhere past, present or future is entirely coincidental.