For What Its Worth

Intermission at the local roundy-round track.

The between race crowd pleaser events can be a blast, but track officials are often psychotic about success.  Examples.
#1 Creeper races: Outline Everyone takes out there mechanics creepers and use plungers like oars to push the creepers in a drag race.

What we did: Put the biggest wheels you can find on a creeper.  Tie it down on the trailer.  Drive the trailer out in front of the stands.  Put the ramps on and roll the creeper down the ramps.  Put on a helmet and win the creeper race.  Crowd goes ballistic.

Officials reactions.  No more creeper races, it is unfair.
#2  Race car rides.
Outline. Have drawings in the stands for a couple of kids a night to ride in the race cars.  Kids draw for the cars they ride in. (parents sign a waiver)
Most people put a helmet on the kid and sort of tie in a seat and putt around the 1/2 mile track at 20-40 in low gear.

What we did when we got drawn the third week:   Bolt in a second seat with full harness. 100% race worthy mounting.    Make the kid put on a full fire suit (Very baggy) and a helmet that fits. (We should have taken pictures of the kids in the oversize suits)  Strap him in tight with a full 5 point harness.  (The kids are beginning to get very excited).  Take the kid around for 4-5 laps at 90% race speed.  The kid gets out with possibly damp underwear and the biggest smile you ever saw.  Every kid in the stand goes berserk and most of the parents.  After that if they don't draw our car they throw the card down and stomp away.  
Officials reaction: No more race car rides, it is causing crowd problems.
#3 Mechanics races and powder puff races.  Outline.  Let one of the non race car mechanics or non race driver spouse drive the cars in a race!  Exciting Right!

What we did: Watched.
Result, poor racing and more damage than a demolition derby. A yawner for the crowd.
Officials reaction: Lets keep doing this as long as we get people to volunteer their cars.???????
So what is the best "intermission" event you have seen?

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  May 2009

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