For What Its Worth

Demolition Derby notes

Use all comments at your own risk.  Been in two DDs in my younger days. Did fairly well.

The Car

Caddys don't do well, they are big tanks, but too much stuff to hang up.
Also many big cars with big blocks die quickly, no crush room around engine.
In my day... 63 Ford galaxy with a small v8 was a sure winner. 18 inches of crush before you got to the engine. Dodge darts with a slant six weren't bad either.

Prep the Car 


Practice backing up a lot.

Don't hold the steering wheel tight, it can break your wrists if your front tires are hit. Keep your thumbs/hands out of the inside of the wheel also. Racing technique with hands on the outside of the wheel only. If you have bad steering wheel habits, practice them away. You work by habit in the heat of the battle.

Square hits are fun, but putting either side of the rear bumper into the car at a 30-45 degree angle on the front tire can really mess up their steering, then they are a target.
Aim, front lug nut, center of radiator etc. Keep your aim point small. A slightly slower well aimed hit is more effective.
Last, are they serious about safety rules? Will they immediately stop the derby and throw out anyone hitting drivers doors? The only thing left between me and a bumper was the upholstery liner in one derby.

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Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  May 2009

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