Replacing the truck on a S-2 4-8-4 Electric Engine

I have an O gauge S-2 4-8-4 Electric.   I noticed that on the rear truck the wheels were not rolling.  Examining the truck it was fuzzy".  The wheels would not turn since the truck ends were bending at an angle.    As I tried to turn the wheels the truck itself broke.  Zinc pest was the culprit.  No indications of Zinc pest on the other truck or other parts.   I can order a new one, but it will take a month or more to get the part. 

I measured the old truck and drew up a new mm based one.  It took a couple of tries to get the holes  the right size so the original screws would work and the wheels would turn but be snug enough.  The original screws will hold in the plastic.  I also had to add 4 notches to get the truck details to fit properly. This is plastic and some design changes were needed.

I printed it using:

When done the original wheels and details were attached.  The plastic will not conduct electricity, I added a copper strip to one of the wheels and used a 2mm x 6mm bolt and nut to attach the copper wire to the ground strap.   This is what it looks like before assembling to the engine.

This is the new truck assembled to the engine.   When running you do not notice a difference.
These project .stl and step files I created are available on the OGR 3D printing Catalog
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Last update Jan 28 2023