Why you should check a new-to-you engine, inside and out.

There are all sorts of things that can happen to an engine during assembly and shipping.  You should always check a new-to-you engine inside and out.  With a used engine, you need to verify it is clean and doesn't have problems from age or abuse.  Too often today we must double check the assembly quality.

Part 1 July 2023

The New in Box Williams 4-6-0, A lot more work than expected.

Part 2  Feb 2024

The Williams Dreyfus, again, a lot of work for a new in box engine.

Part 3 June 5 2024

I purchased a RailKing Aerotrain with PS3, 2017 era.   It was in good shape, but looked unrun..  It had not had the initial oiling.  I oiled it as shown in the manual and checked the gearbox grease as stated in the manual.  Everything looked good except for 1 thing.    The rear pickup on the engine was coming apart.  The pin that held the pickups was falling out.

I took the truck off, got the pin back in. Using a backup plate and small hammer was able to upset the end of the pin so it stayed in place.

When I tried to run the engine, it wouldn't move.   I found someone had locked it in neutral.  Using the correct bell/horn sequence I unlocked it and away it went.   It is working well.

Part 4 June 22 2024

 The 746 Locomotive and 746W tender, Variation A 1957-58

I bought this locomotive in an Auction.   When I got this engine it was all original.  It showed very little track time.  It appears to have been a shelf queen most of its life.   Even though it was all original, in good shape does not mean it would run right away.   Things that had to be checked and fixed.


The locomotive now runs well on the track.  The smoke unit works!   Which is good since this is a unique smoke unit.  I would have to design and 3D print a replacement if needed.   746 running.

The Tender, a little more work.

The whistle tender works well now and looks great with the engine.  Now to find my N&W auxiliary water tender to go with the set.  746 with whistle

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Last update June 22, 2024