44-45 Missile Launcher Motor Spacer 

Fixing the broken part.

Fixing the Motor spacer on a 44 missile launcher.

I bought a 44 Missile launcher.   The main problem was it had a broken spacer that centers the motor.   I couldn't find what to call it and did not find a part readily.  I DO have a 3 D printer.  So away I went.

Here is what the broken part looked like on the motor.


This is what a good one looks like  It has a notch on the bottom for alignment and one on top to keep the rivet head from snagging.

So I set off to model a replacement.   After 3 tries in Tinkercad I came up with this.   Bottom side against the motor base.

The second side, the side the rivet head is on and runs against the frame.  There is a draft on the top ledge.

Printing it out I ended up with this.  Bottom side. Test rivet in the hole.

Top side, before the taper on the top ridge was put in.

A little sanding to round the edges where it rides against the frame and install it.  The hole was a little small and I drilled it out.

I tried to rivet it, but I did not have the proper reach tools.  I broke the spacer.  I had made 3.  So I used a small flat head screw.  Works as well as a rivet. 

This is it installed.  Sorry, my camera wasn't sharp for this picture .  

It works well, keeps the engine centered and does not let the bolt head catch on the side of the frame.  That is what the top notch is for.

Was it worth it?  As a hobby yes.  Time/money, no.  Unless someone wants to buy 500-1000 of them for 50 cents each.  Then I could break even.

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Last Update Mar 21, 2022