For What Its Worth

Drag racing fun

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I used to do circle track race many years ago, but I have been taking the Nova to an 1/8th mile drag strip occasionally. Quite frankly it is a mass of confusion and disorganization at times, I feel at home.  Probably par for the course? (Yeah I know some circle track boys aren't very 'telligent neither.)

Don't expect equality if you don't have slicks.  One Saturday test and tune night street tire cars were about a 3 to 2 ratio or better over slicks. We all payed the same fees. I waited over 90 minutes for the slick cars to run more than once to get a chance to run my street tire car. We were only 4 deep in 2 waiting lanes. They didn't even get through the street tire line before they switched to slicks again. Then they announced they would be going evenly, 10 bikes, 10 streets, 10 slicks. Good I thought, then they just kept running the slicks. The street boys were parked 2 rows 15-20 deep by then. I decided after 3 hours and 1 run on a Saturday test&tune only night to go home.

I do have fun listening and knowing when to watch for a car to break. Don't people know that if it is missing or having problems in the burnout it is probably not a good idea to try to make a full throttle run? I have only seen one guy, (old and wise) back out when the car didn't run right on burnout. Most others try it anyway.   Examples:

Maybe I don't get the runs I want. I don't complain, it is worth it for entertainment value. HP + high testosterone-brains = lots of kaboom.

Maybe I should just wait until week day test&tune nights, or would the weekday be just as ..... interesting?

Happy Motoring, VHubbard.  May 2009

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