Family History Genealogy notes

or Who are You?

This is a compilation of links, notes and tips to help with family history.  Many of them I have been asked over and over, so I thought I would document the tips here.

Family History sites   Free to everyone.  Not millions of individual trees, but trying to make 1 tree for all, eventually.  It may take a millennium.

What is Indexing.   How we get records updated so we can use computer search/matching!  We need your help.

My Family Search notes  May be helpful to the novice.

Recordseek  A browser extension that allows you to link any web record to individuals in Familysearch or Ancestry.  Quick tips for Recordseek.

Notes, Tips and Tricks Great presentations

Some of my favorite presentations from Rootstech

Personal Experiences, finding family, Paula Madison

Emmitt Smith  his presentation starts 10 minutes into video.

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