Political Rules.
If you tend to get into heated political debates, I suggest a strong dose of your favorite tranquilizer before you continue.
  1. If you lie for your cause, your cause is a lie.
  2. Means never justify the end, means become the end.
  3. Name calling is a tactic of the weak minded or one who has a lot to hide.
  4. Politicians must be mind readers. They often state what the opposition feels or believes and no one sees this as fundamentally flawed.
  5. Morality can rarely be mandated, but laws must be based on morality.
  6. No amount of law or legislation can rule an unruly or unwilling populace.
  7. Politicians believe the best way to punish law breakers is by imposing more regulations on the law abiding.
  8. A person that relies on the government or the courts to define moral limits is already corrupt.
  9. Everyone believes they are in the 'middle of the road' politically.
  10. The best way to obscure the truth is to appeal to emotion.
  11. Most of the work done on bills is before the vote.  If a politician has to vote no often, he has been doing very little or is ineffective.
  12. Be grateful that the government is often ineffective.
  13. A government that imposes high taxes has no regard for its people.
  14. People that refuse to pay taxes have no regard for their government.
  15. Politicians that define people as rich and poor believe in an elitist society.
  16. Whenever you hear a politician say he understands the poor, try to remember the last time you saw a poor politician. (Economically poor that is)
  17. Important things that matter about a bill or law.
  18. Signs of Political ignorance:
  19. Mercy without justice will lead to anarchy.
  20. Data and statistics are not truth, but many politicians will take small facts and use them as universal truths.
  21. Before we let a politician  save us from a problem, we should investigate why the problem was there to begin with.
  22. What works well rarely passes, what passes rarely works.
  23. We rarely vote for someone who will promise good long term solutions.
  24. We often vote for someone who will promise solutions akin to magic and witchcraft.
  25. Political laws of economics:
  26. Freedom is the right to receive the results of our actions.  Good actions bring rewards and bad actions bring sanctions.  This is the basis of laws in a free society.
  27. The economic impact of most political decisions are many years down the road. Usually after the responsible party is out of office and the blame or praise is given to current person in office.
  28. Intimidation and use of force is the greatest hypocrisy of any group seeking positive change.
  29. The greatest weakness in a government is when it must support itself with intimidation.
  30. Free speech is the right to say most anything, but we can not force someone to listen.
  31. A good or bad economy is rarely the result of the current President, but the economy does drive the popularity poles.
  32. Every day we go to work, but some politician is getting the credit for the good economy.
  33. Don't be impressed by those that can point out problems in the world, society, etc.  That is a talent any 8 year old has.  Attention should go to those that are willing to constructively solve problems by their own hard work.

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These rules do not reference any specific person or Party. They are comical exaggerations of the occurrences of everyday life. Any relation to events anywhere past, present or future is entirely coincidental. Originated 1997