Rule for bad Sci-Fi Movies

No matter how much we love them, some Sci-Fi movies are best to avoid.  The following are sure signs of BAD Sci-Fi.
  1. Computers make noise, spin tapes and blink lots of lights when calculating.
  2. Feminine figures appear to be more pronounced in space.
  3. Darkness is used to overcome poor special effects.
  4. Mouths don't match the sound.  
  5. Long slow scenes showing off the rocket, planet or some gizmo.
  6. Weird creatures with no relevance to the movie.
  7. Continual breaking the law of physics.
  8. Everything stops moving in space without power.
  9. Fires in enclosed rooms keep burning.
  10. Lots of technical jargon to cover poor dialogue.
  11. Unknown is the main explanation.
  12. Area 51 or the Pyramids are a plot line.
  13. Bizarre designs are futuristic.
  14. The script was the last consideration.
  15. Recycled monsters, robots or space ships from other movies.

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