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Mother Hubbard is a marvelous cook in my humble opinion.   She spent her remembered youth in the Japan and Germany.  Then returned to the U.S. in her teenage years.   She added Spanish and Tex Mex cooking to her capabilities.   Then came years in entertainment, restaurants and teaching.  Add in Camp cooking with the kind of food the kids love, pioneer cooking and more.

She can cook for one or two, as noted in the "Cooking for One" cook book below.   But cooking for 10 or more is best.  If you can't do that, cook 10 times as much as you need and have a big freezer.   

Mother Hubbard's Cook Books

Cooking for One  (PDF)  How to cook, and recipes.

Great for those single, students, couples and the cooking challenged.  Its fun and nutritious.

Pioneer food for 350 for 3 days.  (Coming eventually) 

How do you find out what it was like being a pioneer?   Did they really travel on their stomach?  Going 12-20 miles a day on foot,  they needed good food.  Look inside, it is still good food today!

Cooking at Camp.  (Coming Eventually)

250 people, 15 meals, snacks, deserts and all for under $1.50 meal per person (2011).   And they love the food and get enough!  Yes cooking and prep required, you just can't buy it off the shelf.

Japanese Cooking in the American Kitchen.  (Eventually)  Suki-Yaki, Gyoza, Catsu and more.

Grandma Hubbard's most excellent bread and dinner rolls, AKA manna.  Coming soon, when we can recreate all the secrets if Grandma Hubbard's bread rolls. 

Excel spread sheets for use by charitable groups, contact Mother Hubbard.  Email address is for private use only.  This email address is not allowed  in business lists or  mass email lists.  Handwritten authorization from the email owner is needed for each and every business or email list use.

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