Rules for Raising Children

  1. Children are a gift from God.
  2. Parents don't own a child, they are stewards of an ageless spirit.
  3. Faith in God is the basis of peace in a child's life.
  4. A child's faith must be nourished by daily prayer and scripture stories.
  5. Children without direction will be confused, fearful and insecure.
  6. Children will push the rules until the limits are clear to them.  Then they will be comfortable with the rules.
  7. Children will do their best to make you forget rule #1 each day
  8. Love isn't shared, it expands with each child.
  9. Part of growing up is learning from mistakes.   Let children make appropriate choices and live with the consequences.
  10. You have full control of a child when they are born.   You loose some control each and every day there after.  Teach them each day how to make proper decisions before you have no control.   
  11. Children can easily make a mess, when they say "LOOK MOMMY" it is a really, really big mess
  12. Children added to water equals giggles, screams and chaos.
  13. Children can learn many remarkable skills as long as parents let them.
  14. The last thing a child needs is riches, they prefer to dream and use their imagination.
  15. Teaching a child to work can bring much joy to a child's life.   It is also the basis of amusing stories and fond memories.
  16. The more batteries a toy needs, the less valuable it is to a child.
  17. If you want children to love reading, read them stories.
  18. If you want children to love and respect their family, tell them family stories.
  19. If you want children to think clearly, establish well thought out family rules that are consistently enforced.
  20. Most toys are designed for and sold to parents.  The old standbys of balls, blocks, cars, dolls and boxes are still kids favorites.
  21. With enough help from a child anything is impossible.
  22. Crying is not always hunger and pain, it is often frustration that they need to learn to handle.
  23. Screaming is optional and often taught by parents over-reaction.
  24. When you teach kids to be wary of strangers, remember people in funny costumes, clowns, Mickey and even Santa could be strangers. Teach them to observe, think and act, not fear.  Caring parents are always their best protection.
  25. Kids grow up quick, enjoy them now.   
  26. Kids want to do, not just play.   Allow them to have things that let them do.
  27. Every kid can draw, paint, write, dance and more.  They only forget how when someone that isn't thinking tells them they can't.
  28. Don't own your kids choices.  Remember most of the problems you had growing up weren't your parents fault.
  29. Children can often learn at a much faster rate than you realize.
  30. Good manners have to be taught over and over and over.  Slips of the tongue they pick up instantly.
  31. You wont know how successful you were until you see your kids raising your grandkids.
  32. Grandparents have a great time with kids.   They have learned that the most important thing for children is love.
  33. Kids will always think their parents are wrong, crazy, overbearing and just nuts.  Until they have their own kids, then they wonder how you did it so well.
  34. Good parents understand that the time they have with their children is precious.   They use that time to teach their children every skill they need for life.
  35. An hour in a story book is better than hundreds of movies or a computer.

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